A revolution in Retractors

We are proud to present a new product which is a revolution in the field of retracting tank washers.

Our new UKD tank washer is a revolution in retractor design, as it offers at the same time greater efficiency, extreme flexibility and an easier operation capability.

We put aside the bulky stainless-steel construction and operate our washing head via a pneumatic drive or CNC.

Find out the advantages of this new product watching the video (published in the next few days) and visiting the link http://www.pnr.eu/prodotti/ukd

Our new tank washer UKD is a revolution in retractor design

New UPB eductors

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In the constant review of its products, PNR Italia is pleased to present you the new eductor of UPB family, with the following features:

  • connection: 1/4″ male BSPT or NPT;
  • internal free passage: 3 / 4 / 5 mm;
  • material: PP + 30% fiber glass or neutral PVDF;
  • ovoid shape and no longer circular, in order to occupy even less space inside your tanks;
  • new design that ensures even better performance.

You can find all the information on this new model at the link: http://www.pnr.eu/prodotti/upb


The new design ensures better performance

Due to the ovoid shape, it occupies less space

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