28 May, 2019

Spray angle and water flow robotized quality control


Spray angle and water flow robotized quality control Our R&D department has internally designed a robotized automation cycle, to automatically control nozzles made on customer’s design. This is PNR Italia second step in robotized quality control, and [...]

Spray angle and water flow robotized quality control2019-05-28T07:29:45+02:00
1 Apr, 2019

Automation in progress


Automation in progress PNR Italia introduces continuously more automation into production machines, materials and stock handling. Now, following the always increasing quantity of incoming orders, quality control is operated by automatic machines. In the video, you can [...]

Automation in progress2019-04-01T08:41:25+02:00
3 Apr, 2018

Descaling test bench


Descaling test bench Operating reliability and effective performance are key requirements for Customers using descaling nozzles in the steel rolling process. Our R&D Department has designed and built our proprietary test bench for descaling nozzles. PNR [...]

Descaling test bench2018-08-31T09:56:43+02:00
22 Jan, 2018

PDPA Laser System


PDPA Laser System The Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) is a measurement system that provides reliable information about flow velocity and particle size for an accurate hydraulic characterization of the spray. The optical transmitter and receiver [...]

PDPA Laser System2018-07-25T07:47:57+02:00
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