The SANI-SYSTEM product range uses the new technology of PNR Italia specifically designed to make environments and surfaces safer

Thanks to its extensive experience in designing and manufacturing spraying systems and industrial spraying nozzles, PNR has been able to realize a range of products dedicated to sanitising and disinfection of the environments.

The new SANI-BOOST products are a series of spraying machines specially adapted for disinfecting or sanitizing outdoor environments or large buildings, such as civil or industrial structures, and large premises such as gyms, schools, accommodation, canteens, etc

These devices are characterized by their simplicity of use, low energy and water consumption and the small footprint that facilitate their handling wherever there is a need to sanitize.

The “all-on-board” formula (pump, filtering system, rotation system) combined with an easy-to-use control panel greatly simplifies its use.

By connecting only the chosen solution and electric current, the SANI-BOOST are immediately operational obtaining a powerful and effective spraying system.


You can download our SANI-BOOST brochure here.



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Il 2019 è stato un anno molto importante per PNR Italia. L’azienda ha continuato il suo processo di crescita e di miglioramento, ampliando la gamma di prodotti e certificazioni. Durante quest’anno l’azienda ha confermato la sua presenza sul mercato nazionale e internazionale esponendo a due importanti eventi come il METEC di Düsseldorf e il CIBUS TEC di Parma, tra le più importanti fiere di settore per il settore acciaieria e alimentare, rispettivamente.

In quest’occasione, PNR Italia ha realizzato delle nuove brochure per presentare ai propri clienti, e a quelli potenziali, i propri prodotti, le proprie certificazioni, e la gamma a disposizione.

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