For nearly fifty years we have designed and produced industrial spray nozzles and spraying systems that combine high technology with high reliability and are constantly evolving and improving. Thanks to our long experience we can now offer a complete range of products, both standard and special design, used in many industrial sectors, to meet all your application needs.

To learn about all of our products, please see our range catalogues published in the CATALOGUES section of this site, which you can either browse online or download.
For any further information or specific request, our Sales and Technical Staff is at your disposal.

General purpose spray nozzles

  • Full cone nozzles, round spray
  • Full cone nozzles, cluster spray
  • Full cone nozzles, square pattern
  • Full cone nozzles with vane
  • Full cone nozzles, vaneless, off line
  • Full cone nozzle tips
  • Full cone nozzles, threaded
  • Full cone cluster nozzles
  • Full cone spiral nozzles
  • Straight jet nozzles
  • Flat fan jet nozzles for high pressure washing
  • Flat fan jet nozzles, short body
  • Flat fan jet nozzle tips
  • Dovetail flat spray nozzle tips
  • Quick-connect flat spray nozzles
  • Flat fan jet nozzles, low capacity
  • Flat fan jet nozzles, standard capacity
  • Flat fan jet nozzles, large capacity
  • Flat fan jet nozzles, wide spray angle
  • High impact flat fan spray nozzles
  • Hollow cone tangential nozzles
  • Moulded plastic hollow cone nozzles
  • In line spray hollow cone nozzles, with vane
  • In line spray hollow cone nozzles, vaneless
  • Hydraulic atomizers

Air assisted atomizers

  • Classic atomisers
  • Ultrasonic atomisers
  • Atomising set-ups, pressure principle
  • Atomizing set-ups, siphon principle
  • Atomisers bodies
  • Internal mix atomising set-ups
  • External mix atomising set-ups
  • Air actuated atomisers
  • Complete atomising systems
  • Body types and options
  • Pressure tanks
  • Atomising carts
  • Hydro pneumatic control cabinets
  • Control panels (Humidity control cabinets)

Spray nozzles for steel works and the metallurgical industry

Dust suppression on raw materials parks
  • Full cone/spiral nozzles
  • Flat fan jet nozzles
  • Hollow cone nozzles

Coke suppression / Coke cooling
  • Full cone nozzles
  • Hollow cone nozzles

Continuous casting cooling (water)
Cold lamination
  • Full cone nozzles, disc vane
  • Full cone nozzles
  • Full cone nozzle tips
  • Oval jet nozzles
  • Rectangular jet nozzle tips
  • Flat fan jet dovetail nozzle tips

Continuous casting cooling (air/water)
  • Full cone atomisers
  • Oval jet atomisers
  • Flat fan jet atomisers
Hot rolling
  • Dovetail nozzle tips
  • Nozzle tips, short
  • High impact nozzle tips
  • Special nozzle tips

Rolls cooling
  • Special nozzles for rolls cooling
  • Compressed air blowing nozzles
  • Air-knives, compressed air blowing blades

  • Flat fan jet nozzles
  • Full cone nozzles

Industrial tank washing systems

Fixed spray heads
  • Fixed spray heads / reaction drive
  • Fixed spray heads / motor drive

Single axis rotary cleaning heads
  • Single axis heads / reaction drive
  • Single axis heads / motor drive

Twin axis cleaning heads
  • Twin axis heads / motor drive
  • Twin axis heads / external motor drive
  • Twin axis heads / turbine drive
  • High pressure cleaning heads
Steam water injectors
Pintle nozzles
Hot water wash guns
Line filters
Cleaning validation equipment

Complimentary products & assembly fittings

  • Air blowing nozzles, streamlined air nozzles
  • Wash guns
  • High pressure wash guns
  • Hose reels, retractable and adjustable
  • Mixing eductors
  • Surface treatment and pre-treatment products
  • Steam heaters
  • Plastic body and brass body filters
  • Self-cleaning filters
  • Large capacity filters
  • Line filters
  • Special design industrial filters
  • Static filters
  • Internal filters with check valve
  • Swivel joints
  • Pipe joints
  • Locknuts and nipples
  • Threaded nipples
  • Quick couplers
  • Metal clamps
  • Bayonet clamps
  • Filterpress clamps
  • Cam clamps, lever clamps, spring pipe clamps
  • Quick release pipe clamps
  • Spring clip pipe clamps
  • Pipe clamps
  • Swivel moulded nozzles
  • Flat fan quick-fit spray nozzles
  • Flat fan jet spray quick-fit spray nozzles
  • Threaded sphere nozzles
  • Screw-fit pipe clamps

Fire fighting equipment

  • Positive displacement foam mixers
  • Classic foam mixers range
  • Foam Mixers, adjustable proportioning
  • Bladder tank groups
  • Bladder tanks foam mixers
  • Balanced pressure proportioners
  • Metered pressure proportioners
  • In line eductor proportioners (Venturi)
  • Single bladder tank groups
  • Double bladder tank groups
  • Horizontal tank groups
  • Foam lances
  • Low and medium foam expansion branch-pipes
  • Foam generators
  • Static foam generators
  • Fan boosted foam generators
  • Tank protection systems
  • Foam nozzles, low and medium expansion
  • Foam chambers, foam makers, foam pourers
  • Foam cannons
  • Dual stream foam pourers
  • Tank system test valve
  • Water / Foam monitors
  • Hand/lever controlled monitors
  • Hand-wheel controlled monitors
  • Self-oscillating monitors
  • Remote control water foam monitors
  • Monitor nozzles and lances
  • Wheeled monitors
  • Portable monitors
  • Water spray nozzles
  • Water/foam spray nozzles
  • Hydraulic spray nozzles
  • Open sprinkler nozzles
  • Spiral nozzles
  • Mushroom nozzles
  • Watermist nozzles
  • Heat shields
  • Hydrants
  • Hose cabinets
  • Fire hoses