Spraying nozzles for industry

PNR Italia produces a wide range of products for every type of application and customer’s needs, from small nozzles for individual use up to spraying systems for large industrial plants.

The company was founded in Milan in November 1968, as a company for the resale of parts and components for fire protection systems and, subsequently, a range of sprayers for industrial applications.

PNR has grown over time and has also consolidated through a commercial policy based on a widespread network of partners operating in major foreign markets.

Particular attention has always been paid to the design and technical assistance skills and competence of its staff.

Today PNR Italia works with one of the most modern workshops in the world for the production of spraying nozzles, washing heads and atomizers with absolute quality machines, many of which work with CNC technology, often built on their own projects for special processing.

We daily answer to our customers’ needs and meet their changes while maintaining our commitment and our tradition made of an all-italian quality. We base our activities on research and service, but above all on passion and the philosophy of work.

PNR Italia’s mission


Our principles and values

PNR Italia is based on the following principles and values, which constitute the guidelines in its activities and in its relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders:

To be a qualified player on the world market in the design, production and marketing of nebulization components.

The vision of PNR Italia

Why choose us?

For more than 50 years, customers from all over the world have relied on our products. Why?