Gas Cooling

Gas cooling

In chemical plants, it is often necessary to cool the flue gases produced by the production processes when waste heat is not utilized. This cooling action can be performed using different products and systems. The main purpose is decreasing the temperature of the flue gas using a coolant fluid, usually water. Some of the most relevant parameters to consider are the coolant liquid droplets size and the correct spray distribution inside the cooling equipment. Generally, the recommended products for cooling applications are the pneumatic atomizers. However, sometimes, full cone or hollow cone nozzles can be used too. In order to select the most suitable product for this application, it is crucial to know many other elements in addition to those above-mentioned: the geometry and dimensions of the cooling tower, the operating temperatures and much more. For this reason, unless customers have a previous experience, it is very important that they contact PNR technicians for a better support in the choice of the most suitable product.