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Our portfolio ranges from all types of spray nozzles, wash heads and atomizers to more complex and tailored spraying units and devices. The result of a long experience and a vast know-how in fluids dynamics, design, and manufacturing.

We are focused on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions to respond to the changing needs of customers, while maintaining our commitment to tradition and Italian quality.

Throughout our history, we have successfully served a wide variety of industries all over the world. We can supply our products through a global sales network of PNR commercial branches and Distributors.

Our history in time

PNR Italia started as a trader of components for the fire-extinguishing systems; in the following years started to design and produce nozzles for the fire-fighting sector first and then extended its activities by manufacturing a wide range of spraying nozzles and systems for applications in almost all types of industry.

November 1968
PNR Italia was founded 1968 as a trading Company for the sale of parts and components for fire-fighting systems. Company Headquarters and sales offices were located in Milan. At that time, it was only a commercial unit with no manufacturing facilities.

June 1991
A new building was built on the same property next to the first, increasing the manufacturing surface (covered) from 1.000 m2 to 2.500 m2.

January 1999
A new adjacent ground was bought and the total surface was increased from the initial 6.000 m2 to 20.000 m2, where a new manufacturing facility was built. The new plant enclosed production halls, offices, store, labs and a testing area.

December 2004
The property was extended with the purchase of more land that brought the total covered surface of the site to 6.000 m2.

June 2018
On June 15, 2018, the PNR 50th anniversary celebration was held with a celebratory event for employees, family, customers, suppliers and consultants.

September 2019
We have built a fourth warehouse, where we have located also the new offices for salespeople and technical office.