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PNR Italia

Spray nozzles for industrial applications

We manufacture from small spraying nozzles to large-scale spraying systems with industrial spraying nozzles. We offer a wide range of products, various types of nozzles, for every application and customer’s need.

We also design and manufacture pneumatic spray nozzles for industrial applications and tank washing heads.
PNR Italia is a company of the Tecomec Group.


We offer fog cannons for dust and odors elimination to satisfy every operational need in every application.


Read and download all our case studies dedicated to the world of spray nozzles.

Our products find many applications in various industrial sectors. We respond daily to the needs of our customers, maintaining our commitment and tradition of all-Italian quality.

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KS/ZB, the new deflected flat jet nozzle with integrated sphere

KS/ZB is the new quick-fit spray nozzle with integrated sphere Flat jet nozzles KS variant ZB are deflection nozzles featuring an integrated ball for quick and easy mounting and dismounting on our hose clamps and simple cleaning. PRODUCT PAGE Focus...

New product | Rotosh, barrel and tonneau washing

Rotosh is the solution for washing barrels and tonneaux The Rotosh washing device is the ideal solution for efficient washing of barrels and tonneaux. Compliant with the CE Directive, it offers reliable performance and impeccable results and can wash and...

Industrial Spray Nozzles: Three Problems and Three Solutions

Resolving Common Issues of Spray Nozzles in Industry: A Comprehensive Guide Spray nozzles are crucial components in various industrial sectors, from agriculture to paper production and through the chemical industry. They ensure precise application of liquids such as water, chemicals,...

Five Questions to Ask About Filters for Spray Nozzles

Enhance Your Spray Nozzle Performance with filters Spray nozzles are essential in various industries, from agriculture to manufacturing, where the precise application of liquids or chemicals is crucial. However, their effectiveness can be compromised without proper filtration. Filters are vital...

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