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Nozzles, atomizers, shower pipes, and tank washing nozzles for the paper industry

Nozzles, atomizers, shower pipes, and tank washing nozzles for paper mills

PNR Italia produces and distributes spray nozzles, shower pipes, atomizers and washing heads for the paper industry.

Water is one of the main components in the paper industry: in the early stages of paper production the solution is composed of 95-97% water and 3-5% pulp and fibers.
During the long paper production cycle, several chemicals are added to the mixture through nozzles. The water is used for cleaning cloth and felt through other nozzles mounted on spray pipes.


Reduction of electrostatic charges
Reduction of foams in reservoirs
Tissue coupling
Wetting of paper
Chemical injection
Washing of training cloths
Cleaning of felt, fabrics, rolls, canvas
Paper trimming at the end of the production cycle
Starch spraying

PNR Italia’s spray nozzles, shower pipes, atomizers, and washing devices are used in all stages of paper production.

Spray nozzles and other products have many applications, including starch treatment, paper wetting, cleaning of felt/threads/fabrics /rolls, washes, foam abatement in headboxes, and paper trimming at the end of the production cycle.


Mixture preparation phase

It is the phase in which the dough is formed that will then turn into paper. The first procedure is to insert the recycled paper and cardboard with plastic and ferrous waste in the pulper. This operation recovers the cellulose fibres that are well-separated and hydrated. The product of this section is called suspension and consists of fibres suspended in a 4% aqueous solution. After the pulping stage, the refining stage follows, where fibre bonds increase. The following three phases are mixing, dilution, and purging.

Recommended products for the mixture preparation phase in the paper industry

For the abatement of foams in the preparation of mixtures, we recommend using full cone nozzles from the D series.

The forming section

The obtained mixture – mixed, diluted, dosed, and purified – is ready to be transformed into a sheet of paper.
The fibrous suspension reaches a metal container called a “headbox,” the first part of the machinery that deals with paper production. We are inside the Fourdrinier machine, which is responsible for carrying out all the phases of paper production. In this machine, the paper sheet is generated without interruptions. This is the moment when the dough is distributed evenly and continuously on the paper-forming net.

In the forming section, the suction boxes—i.e., drawers below the canvas that progressively draw water—remove water from the fibrous tissue. At the end of the canvas area, the sheet has a water content of 60-70%. This phase determines the final weight and thickness of the paper.

Recommended products for the forming section in the paper industry

For the training phase in the paper industry, we recommend the use of the hollow cone nozzle P for starch spray, the GMA straight jet nozzle for paper refill, the K HIGH flat jet nozzle for blast chiller, the GEA straight jet nozzle, GF flat fan nozzle and shower pipes for washing and conditioning the forming cloths.

The press section and the drying area

Once removed from the canvas, the sheet of paper continues on a felt towards the Presses section.
In this area, heated steel cylinders exert a uniform pressure on the sheet surface, which loses further humidity percentage.

For the tape to adhere perfectly to the cylinders, drying felt presses against their surface also to absorb further water. From this point on, the sheet’s dehydration takes place by heat in the bucket, where the paper passes between heated cylinders with progressively increasing temperatures.

Recommended products for the press and drying area in the paper industry

We recommend the use of the ZPB nozzle clamp, the GX flat jet nozzle and the HTQ flat jet nozzle for single-lens spray.

The set up section

These are the production stages following the drying process.
The paper roll is transformed into rolls and/or sheets laid out. The sheet, ready to be rolled up, is wrapped on itself by a winder called pope. The so-called mother coil is formed, weighing several quintals and with a width equal to the machine’s working width.

The phases that are part of the setup section and that conclude the entire paper production process are:
– rewinding
– cutting with circular blades (trimmers) and winding
– Cutting into sheets
– Packaging and labeling.

Recommended products for the set up section in the paper industry

We recommend using MX and MW atomizers to abate electrostatic charges in the last phase of the paper production cycle.

Washing of cloth and felt

Self-cleaning shower pipes for washing cloth and felt in the paper industry

The cleaning system is designed to maximize the efficiency in cleaning felt and canvas, while improving the quality of the paper and extending the life of the products. This is achieved by uniformly distributing the washing flows along the entire width of the sheet, thus ensuring uniform cleaning.

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