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Spray Nozzles, Atomizers,
Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Our spray technology
tailored to your needs.

Discover our product range: spray nozzles, atomizers, tank washing heads, accessories, and industrial filters.

Since 1958 PNR Italia has been manufacturing and marketing from small spray nozzles for individual use up to spray systems for large industrial plants and is able to respond to every customer need with targeted solutions. The wide range of products includes spray nozzles, atomizers, tank cleaning devices and complementary accessories such as straners, guns and hoses for industrial washing, ejectors, blower nozzles, swivel joints and hose clamps.

Flat fan, full cone, hollow cone and solid stream spray nozzles

Hydraulic or air atomizing nozzles

Filters, strainers, air blowing nozzles, wash guns and hose, eductors, pipe clamps, swivel joints, nipples and locknuts

PNR Italia’s solution for the abatement of dust and odours

Sani-System, the spray technology of PNR Italia to make safer environments and surfaces

We design and manufacture spray lances for various applications.

PNR Italia’s spray nozzles, atomizers, tank cleaning heads, and accessories are available in many high-quality materials: metals, steels, alloys, and plastics, all tested in the field to adapt to every application need and every type of system.
PNR Italia’s products guarantee excellent performance in cooling, washing, humidification, lubrication, partitioning, and many others.
The sectors that use PNR Italia’s products are many, including steel mills, the food and beverage industry, the chemical industry, the paper industry, and others.
In addition to all products in prompt delivery, our technical department develops specific engineering solutions for every need.