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Atomizing nozzles

Water or air atomizers | Hydraulic or pneumatic atomizers

An atomizing spray nozzle is a spraying device that generates extremely fine droplets. A device used to atomize liquids (i.e. the disintegration of the liquid into extremely fine drops) is called an “atomizing spray nozzle”.

Atomizing spray nozzles can be pneumatic (air) or hydraulic (water), depending on whether they atomize the liquid with the help of compressed air or not.

Typical applications of atomizers are humidification, cooling, deodorization, spraying of liquids on products or surfaces, sanitization and many others.

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Choice of pneumatic and hydraulic atomisers

What is an atomizing spray nozzle, and how do you choose it? What is the difference between a pneumatic and a hydraulic atomizing spray nozzle? Read the guide to get the answer to these and many other questions!

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