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Ugelli spruzzatori PNR Italia

Spray nozzles

Flat fan, full cone, hollow cone and solid stream spray nozzles

A spray nozzle is a device which makes use of the pressure energy of a liquid to increase its speed through an orifice and break it into drops.

Depending on their spray pattern, the spray nozzles can be divided into four types:

The nozzles are designed to distribute the spray with different geometries. Patterns can be solid stream, full cone, hollow cone, or flat fan. The nozzle design aims at the uniformity and impact force of the jet sprayed whether nozzles are used individually or overlapping.

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Spray nozzles: selection guide

The choice of a nozzle is a very important step in the design of a system of any kind: the right nozzle allows you to optimise processes, save energy and money, and achieve better results.

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Spray nozzles fundamentals

How the spraying process works, what are the applications of our products, what are spray nozzles technical features and the production techniques of the spray.