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Tank and container cleaning nozzles

Static, rotating, high pressure washing devices for industrial tanks

Tank cleaning nozzles are industrial devices specially designed for washing and sanitizing tanks, cans, scrubbers, and containers of all sizes in general. They can also be used for washing bins, the underbody of transport vehicles, and other hard-to-reach parts.

We can divide tank washing devices into three types: static, rotating or high-pressure. The rotating type can be divided into free-spinning, controlled rotation, or gear controlled.

It is very difficult to assess such value as the efficiency range with reference to a given tank washing device without taking into considerations the various parameters relating to the process conditions, such as the materials you have to remove, working temperature and pressure, the time of every washing cycle.

While choosing a tank washing device, you have to consider if:

  • the wetting radius is adequate for the dimension of the tank;
  • the capacity can provide the whole inner surface with a correct amount of washing solution for square measure;
  • the impact force of the jet and the time required to complete a cleaning cycle are adequate for the product and/or process.
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Choosing the Right Tank Cleaning Equipment

In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about tank cleaning devices: from their function and importance, to the different types available on the market and the factors to consider when choosing the most suitable ones for your application.

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