Our eco-sustainability policies

PNR Italia does not have work processes with significant environmental impact. Despite this, for years it has been investing to improve structures so as to minimise potential risks.

In addition to complying with current legislation in the conduct of work activities and in the management of plants, PNR Italia pays particular attention to preventing any repercussions on the working environment and the external environment, also through the definition of the role of PNR Referent for the Environment.

Photovoltaic system

The first big step towards energy independence: PNR becomes a producer of solar energy.

A wise investment, convenient but above all sustainable that will bring great environmental benefits and will provide at least half of the electricity needed to sustain the business productive activities.

The 203.93kWp plant produces a monthly average of 20 Mwh of energy, avoiding carbon dioxide emissions for over 9 tons, equal to an average of 240 trees planted thus giving an environmental benefit not only to the company but to the whole community.

› The plant is monitored in real time 24/7

› Take a look at the energy produced by the plant on the car park shelter

Our goal for 2023 is to cover at least 30% of summer energy needs and 20% year-round. By 2022 we will increase the presence of solar panels in the company by 10% with a new 72kW/h plant.

Extraction system for oily mists

During many industrial processes, oily gas formations may develop. The extraction of oily mists is necessary to preserve the health of employees and to prevent gases from escaping into the environment.

Currently ten suction units have been installed and the goal by 2023 is to bring them to 12 in total.

Washing of technical cloths

For many years now we have chosen to use washable technical cloths to clean workstations and machinery.

We have abandoned paper to adopt a more sustainable and reusable solution over time.