How can we help you?


How long does it take to process orders? Our warehouse is extremely well-stocked, we are able to process about 50% of orders within 24-48 hours. If the product is not in stock we will process your order as quickly as possible.

How much does the shipment cost? Each shipment is affected by factors such as destination, weight and size of the order and also by the distance from our site. Contact us for further information.

Do you have any distributors? All our main dealers are visible on the contact page, divided by country of reference.

How much do your products cost? Our sales office is always available to send you an offer for the products you have selected.

Can you apply special purchase conditions for large quantities of products? Of course, contact us for our best offer.

Where do you make your products?All our products are Made in Italy, produced directly in our company based in Voghera (PV- Italy). It is a great pride for us to be able to invest in Italian products and qualities and support our country and the entire supply chain.

Do you provide any special certifications for the customer? Yes. PNR can issue various certifications at customers’ request at the time of order. They are all listed in our section dedicated to certifications..

Can you carry out tests on your products at the customer’s request? The internal PNR laboratory is equipped with very effective instrumentation that allows us to perform various tests, all listed in our section dedicated to tests.

I can’t find my industry field on the site, can you help me as well? Of course, our experience is vast. Write or call us for personalized advice.

What kind of after-sales assistance do you provide? The guarantee may be exercised by sending a precautionary report to PNR on the detected damages. This report can also be sent by email to this address: In-depth procedures are available on the product warranty page.

I can’t find the right product for me. Do you design custom made solutions for special needs? Of course. Over the years we have designed custom made solutions for the most diverse applications, do not hesitate to contact us for your special projects.

Is it possible to make an inspection at your site to see the products? Yes, you can visit the site and examine the products by making an appointment and following the safety protocol.


What is a nozzle? A nozzle is a device which converts the energy from a fluid into velocity of the spray droplets. Applications in many industrial processes are numberless, with spray nozzles being very often a critical component in determining the final quality of the product or the efficiency of the process.

What are the differences between the types of nozzles? Sprayers are classified in two main ways:

When is a nozzle to be considered defective? PNR products will be replaced and/or repaired at PNR’s discretion free of charge if they are found to be not in conformity due to manufacturing, packaging or incorrect labelling. The above conditions will only apply if PNR receives the written non-compliance report within 30 days from the date of product installation or within one year from the date of shipment. The cost of above said replacement or repair shall be the exclusive remedy for any breach of any warranty, and PNR shall not be held liable for any damage due to personal injuries or commercial losses coming from product malfunction. Our product guarantee addresses all these aspects in depth.

How often should a nozzle be changed? The choice of the most suitable material for a nozzle is of primary importance, as the operating life of a nozzle depends upon it. Several factors affect the life of a nozzle or decrease, such as:

  • Wear caused by solid particles suspended in the liquid being sprayed;
  • Chemical corrosion caused by the sprayed liquid;
  • Chemical corrosion caused by the external environment where a nozzle is used;
  • Exposure to high temperature;
  • Exposure to mechanical shocks.

The mechanical characteristics of the materials in which we make our nozzles and their chemical resistance are available from page 29 onwards of our Spray Engineering Book.

How can I identify the nozzle code? Like any other industrial product, a nozzle must be precisely identified by a code, which prevents confusion and allows the products to be managed electronically. We have therefore created a coding system produced according to the following scheme:

Come fare il codice ugello?

Example of nozzle code

More details are available on page 2 of our General Catalog.

How can I choose the right nozzle? Several technical characteristics must be taken into consideration to select the correct nozzle for a given application:

  • efficiency of the nozzle;
  • droplet size;
  • spray angle;
  • impact force;
  • distribution;

We invite you to visit our section dedicated to spray nozzles or contact us to explore these aspects together.

What is a twin fluid atomizer? The atomization of a liquid by means of a compressible fluid like air, steam or a gas, is defined pneumatic, two-phase, or twinfluid atomization. Various industrial processes require the atomization of liquids in fine or very fine drops. This could be achieved by spraying the liquid with an exclusively hydraulic atomizer, where the liquid is sprayed under pressure by means of a small orifice. In most industrial processes a fine atomization is obtained by means of compressed air atomizers, which provides the energy necessary to atomize the liquid. This technology, although relatively expensive, allows to obtain fine and also extremely fine drops that can meet the needs of current industrial applications. For more information visit our page dedicated to twin fluid atomizers or contact us.

Are your products compatible with my machines? Yes, we supply all the most common types of attacks and we are willing to find customized solutions.

Can I download dimensional drawings of your products? Our dimensional drawings are available upon request.