PNR Italia obtains ATEX certification on additional tank washing devices

UBC M, UBD S and UBT are now ATEX certified

PNR Italia obtains ATEX certification on additional tank washing devices

UBC M, UBD S and UBT are now ATEX certified

We proudly announce that three tank washing devices from our range are now ATEX compliant.

UBC M, UBD S, and UBT add up to the already compliant UBA, UBC, UBD, UBF, UBF-A, and UBF-S.

What is the ATEX Directive?

ATEX (“Atmosphères explosibles”) refers to the European Directive 2014/34/EU, establishing the essential safety requirements for equipment and protection systems in potentially explosive atmospheres. In some applications such as spray-painting, chemical production, wood cutting, and flour processing, potentially explosive gases, dust, or vapors can be released into the air.

If these explosions also caused damage to equipment, the risks would be very high. The ATEX directive, therefore, aims to certify all those equipments (including our tank washing devices) that are suitable and safe to use in explosive environments.

The new ATEX certified PNR Italia products

After a long series of laboratory tests, UBC M, UBD S, and UBT washing devices achieved ATEX certification.

The tests were also conducted for the presence of dust in addition to gases. This has resulted in IIIC (conducting dust < 0.5 mm) dust compliance and improved ATEX temperature class from T4 to T5 (Max. surface temperature 100 ºC).

Reaction drive tank washing device

UBC series heads are completely made out of stainless steel, with the rotating sphere rolling on two ball bearing rows, to make operation possible in any position. Inner and outer surfaces are carefully machined, deburred, cleaned and polished to a precisely defined roughness grade to avoid contamination from bacterial growth.

Reaction drive tank washing device

.Reaction drive mono-axial head UBD S040 B31E…CA is totally realized in AISI 316L stainless steel. Moreover, no lubrication is needed, therefore there is no risk of contamination with oils: this product is suitable in applications in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

High impact tank washing device

The UBT series tank wash heads are very sophisticated devices, designed with a robust structure and constructed with the latest technology to allow for high performance and providing excellent disinfection after each wash cycle.

The new ATEX marking of our products

CE | EU conformity marking

EX | ATEX explosion protection marking

II | Equipment for surface industries

2GD | Category 2 construction protection suitable for use in explosive atmospheres due to the presence of gas (G) and dust (D) in zones 1, 2 and 21, 22.

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