PNR Italia presents the new UBR high-pressure tank washing head

UBR is the new high-pressure tank washing head with an electric or pneumatic motor

PNR Italia presents the new UBR high-pressure tank washing head

UBR is the new high-pressure tank washing head with an electric or pneumatic motor

PNR Italia presents the UBR tank washing head, available with an electric or pneumatic motor, capable of operating at a pressure from 35 to 150 BAR.
UBR is ideal for washing small containers and tanks. The long arm and accessories make it easy to use, allowing you to reach even the most difficult points.

How does the UBR washing head work?

The tank washing heads of this series have been designed for washing small and medium-sized containers and tanks with an effective high-pressure jet.

UBR is driven by an external motor which can be electric or pneumatic. The washing head is introduced into the tank and operated from the outside, making it possible to reach the most difficult points.


What are the advantages of the UBR tank washing heads?


The configuration of UBR ensures its reliability of operation and durability.


The small size of UBR allows operators to move it quickly, even when washing numerous tanks.


The light weight of UBR allows it to be installed even permanently on many types of equipment. Moving from one device to another is facilitated.


The UBR washing head can be mounted on the tank to be cleaned in three different ways, depending on whether the installation is temporary, removable, or permanent:

Conical caps for temporary use on openings of various diameters;
Tri-clamp or swivel joints for removable mounting;
• Connections with flange for stationary mounting.

UBR applications

Optional equipment

In addition to the UBR tank washing head, some accessories are also available that complete and further improve its operation.



The filter regulator is available for UBR with the pneumatic motor.
The filter removes solid residues from the compressed air.
The regulator filter has the task of keeping the working pressure on the secondary outlet as constant as possible, regardless of the oscillations of the primary inlet side and the air consumption.
The oiler incorporates an oil mist controlled by the regulator into the compressed air to lubricate the pneumatic attachments and tools on the system itself.


The trolley allows the transport of the necessary for washing operations.
It is designed to contain the washing head, the high-pressure pump with its motor and electric control panel, and the hose reel for the high-pressure hose that allows positioning the washing head in position. All wiring and electrical parts have IP65 protection; bring the trolley to the desired position, lock the wheels and connect the pump to a supply water line. The pump can also be equipped with a venturi eductor for mixing the washing water with a possible detergent product. The trolley can accommodate pumps with capacities up to 20 lpm, but our Technical Office can develop unique models for special needs.


The UBR washing head with an electric motor can also be supplied with a unique cover for the motor to protect it from water splashes that would compromise its operation.

The UBR tank washing head can be supplied with a pneumatic or electric motor. But what are the differences between the two?


With the same tube length, pneumatic UBR is generally lighter than the one with the electric motor.


One of the main differences between pneumatic motors and electric motors is energy efficiency: a disadvantage of pneumatic motors is in fact, that they are less efficient than electric ones.


The environment where the motor will be used is one of the essential factors to consider in making the right choice between an electric or pneumatic motor. Note that many operating environments are hazardous to electric motors and that only the pneumatic motor has an ATEX certification for explosive environments (ATEX Ex II 2GD h T6 IIC T85 °C)

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