Product Warranty

PNR products will be replaced or repaired at the option of PNR and free of charges if found defective in manufacturing, labelling and packaging. The above conditions will apply if notice of defects is received by PNR within 30 days from date of product installations or one year from date of shipment. The cost of above said replacement or repair shall be the exclusive remedy for any breach of any warranty, and PNR shall not be held liable for any damage due to personal injuries or commercial losses coming from product malfunction.

It is self-understood that no warranty may apply in case our products have been operated under nonacceptable conditions, like for example (but not limited to):
– Operation at pressures exceeding those shown in catalogue performance table
– Operation with or exposure to liquids containing abrasive particles
– Operation with or exposure to liquids producing a chemical attack on the nozzle material
– Mechanical damages to nozzle orifices, nozzle spray edge or body due to careless handling or assembling.
In all above cases, the costumer must accept a nozzle life reduction below life expected, or performance parameters below the values in the catalogue.

The guarantee may be exercised as follows:
– By sending a precautionary report to PNR on the detected damages. This report can also be sent by email to this address:
– If PNR ascertains that the manufacturing faults are actually subject to the warranty, the product shall have be returned to the manufacturer in its original packaging prior request of authorization to the manufacturer and receipt of manufacturer’s written authorization.
– The rejected goods shall have be returned by the means that PNR will communicate to the customer and the transportation costs of returned merchandise will be entirely borne by the manufacturer.

PNR ensures the best atomizing effects and provides capacity and spray angle accuracy with a tolerance of ±10% guarantee


Our products are manufactured with the best care and according to the latest developments of the technology available. However we cannot assure that every one of our products is perfectly fit for every specific application. The information in this website is provided “as seen” and so we offer no warranty of any kind with respect to the subject matter or accuracy of the information contained herein. This publication may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and changes may be periodically made to the information herein without prior notice.


Our products and their performances are continuously being reviewed and modified to keep up with the latest technologies. As a result the technical information provided in this website is for guidance only and is not binding. We regret not being able to provide our customers with notification of such changes all of the time. Should you have an application that requires some special features, not included in this website, please contact us and ask for a written confirmation of all technical specs and requirements before placing your order.