Nozzles, atomizers, shower pipes, and tank washing heads for the paper industry

Nozzles, atomizers, shower pipes, and tank washing heads for paper mills

PNR Italia produces and distributes spray nozzles, shower pipes, atomizers and washing heads for the paper industry.

Water is one of the main components in the paper industry: in the early stages of paper production the solution is composed of 95-97% water and 3-5% pulp and fibers. During the long paper production cycle, several chemicals are added to the mixture through nozzles. The water is used for cleaning cloth and felt through other nozzles mounted on spray pipes.

The spray nozzles, shower pipes, atomizers, and washing heads produced by PNR Italia play a role in all stages of paper production. The applications of spray nozzles and other products are many: starch treatment, wetting of paper, cleaning of felt/threads/fabrics /rolls, washes, foam abatement in headboxes, and paper trimming at the end of the production cycle, to name a few.

Stages of paper production

What are the stages of paper production?
PNR Italia with its nozzles, atomizers, washing heads, and accessories is present in all stages of paper production, from the mixture preparation to the finished product.

Fourdrinier machine

Much of the industrial paper production process takes place inside the Fourdrinier machine, which has the task of carrying out all the phases of paper production. In this machine, the paper sheet is generated without interruptions.

Operation diagram of the paper making machine

Schema di funzionamento macchina continua