The SANI-SYSTEM product range is the new technology of PNR Italia specifically designed to make environments and surfaces safer

PNR Italia expands its Sani-System line introducing the humidification system and ultrasonic sanitization.

SANI-ROOM is part of the family of cold humidifiers, or ultrasonic. By introducing the sanitizing liquid into the tank, SANI-ROOM produces an ideal steam for the disinfection of medium/small indoor areas (hospital and hospice rooms, civil protection tents, small supermarkets, etc.).

It is activated simply by pressing a button and is characterized by small noise and great autonomy.

SANI-ROOM consists of a handy and compact trolley easily transportable and has two tanks in communication with each other. The ultrasonic system immersed in the overflow tank containing the sanitising liquid generates the nebulization. A floating valve allows the level of the liquid contained in the tank to be maintained. This generates a fog that thanks to the action of a fan is channeled into the exit chimney and blown into the environment.

SANI-ROOM sanitisation is completed when the room is saturated with fog.


You can download our SANI-MOVE brochure here.

SANI-ROOM exploits the power of sound waves.