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Our Research and Development office continuously improves existing products or experiments with entirely new applications to originate new products. We do this to make available a better and broader product range on the market. We routinely investigate academic literature dealing with studies related to liquid spray and air blowing processes as part of this work.

These white papers and manuals are available to our engineers for consideration as a possible helpful enhancement to our Spray Engineering Handbook. Today we are happy to make part of this material available to our customers interested in these matters. Our R&D office welcomes any of their questions or comments.


White papers on Spray technology basics

The Effect of Venturi Design on Jet Pump Performance
Journal for Research |

Experimental analysis of the distribution of drops in the low pressure area generated by two spray
DIPSI Workshop 2011 on Droplet Impact Phenomena & Spray Investigation

The use of streamwise vorticity to increase mass entrainment in a cylindrical ejector
M.J. Carletti and C.B. Rogers | Tufts University | Medford, Massachusetts
D.E. Parekh | McDonnell Douglas Corporation | St. Louis, Missouri


White papers on Continuous casting

Fundamentals of Melt Atomization, Spray Forming and Deposition
Klaus Bauckhage | Universität Bremen, Institut für Werkstofftechnik Badgasteiner Straße 3, 28359 Bremen